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Our pros shoot real people having sex, and these couples really dig cumming for the camera. You share their sucking, fucking licking and ass-dicking, orgasm after orgasm. Four boff sessions this time-three straight couples and one super-hot lezzie duo.Plus three over-sexed German couples go fuckin' orgy crasy! A three-hour jizz-filled jackfest that you'll watch again and again!

Naughty Neighbors

Finally! The first ever Naughty Neighbors' video is here, Neighbors' Best Orgies. We sent our Naughty Neighbors magazine photo team out to catch horny amateur couples screwing like their lives depended on it. "And don't come back without any fucking footage!" we screamed. Exhausted, they returned with 90 minutes of solid fucking and cock sucking. Cum spraying. Pretty faces dripping with jizz. Double Penetration. Every which fucking way: The Naughty Neighbors' way! Boy, did these folks have a good time. Four neighborly and naughty fuck scenes from Naughty Neighbors magazine! Hard to the core scenes you'll replay until this tape wears out. Get it now and get it good. The Naughty Neighbors fuckin' way!

We shot so much blazing hot footage that we couldn't fit it all on just one video. The second installment of XXX Teen Amateurs brings you five more sexy, young girls sucking dicks and riding cocks until they blast geysers of cum all over their sweet faces, asses and flat chests!
In this scene, Jazmine sucks cock, licks balls, gets fucked in the missionary position, rides cock in the cowgirl position, gets fucked doggy-style and then takes a sticky load of cum all over her face. She's a pretty girl. Nice tits. Racing-stripe of hair down the middle of her mound. And because we know you, we know you just want horny bitches sucking and fucking, and if they threw you a curveball once in a while, your cock would go straight down from shock.


Patience, gentlemen. Sit back. Have yourself a nice, green beer. Desiree is here to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and she’s all done up in green, her favorite color. Heck, isn’t green most girls’ favorite color? Our favorite color is pink, as in pink cunt, but it takes Desiree a good, long time to reveal her goods. By the time she does, though, your load will be knocking at the door and ready to burst right there. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

What do our models do when they’re alone in our dressing room? We had an idea, but we needed to find out. So NaughtyMag.com set up a hidden security camera, placed editor Marco P. at the controls and let the camera roll. Sometimes, the girls sit around and do absolutely nothing. And sometimes…


The casting couch is where young, pretty girls go when they want to be stars… and will do anything to get what they want! Watch and jack as the girls you see on NaughtyMag.com
come to life in explicit sex talk and up-close-and-personal tit play and pussy spreading and poking. These are naughty girls going for their big break!

Here’s Layla, a 19-year-old D-cupper from Berkeley, California. Layla says she’s a very naughty neighbor, and the proof is in the clips. She eagerly shows off her naturals then plugs her pussy with a big dildo. Shy? No way! She’s a college student in the most liberal part of the United States, and showing off her body is like second nature to her. Listen to the wonderful fucking sounds she makes! Thrill to her orgasm! Cum with her!

Sasha is a big-titted redhead who teases us with her seductive voice, then stops teasing us the second she unhooks her front-loading bra, revealing her firm D-cups. The tease is totally a thing of the past when she exposes her meaty pussy and starts moving a big dildo in and out of it. Sasha’s a no-nonsense girl, and the fact that a camera is watching her doesn’t keep her from making fuck-me noises. Keep tissues and other clean-up items handy.

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Direct from the pages of 18eighteen magazine, these six barely legal teenage cuties give grounup sex a try-and they love it!

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Over two hours of super-cute, super-horny babes breaking their video fuck cherries!

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Straight from 40Something, six mature hotties who know how to fuck.

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Practice makes perfect, and these horny 18- and 19-year-old teenage hotties are eager to learn everything they can about sucking and fucking!

Older & Bolder
Something happens when a chick hits the big four-oh. She begins to panic. She wonders if her fucking days are over. She wonders whether guys will still find her desirable. Of course, the lover of 40something women knows better. He knows that mature chicks are even more desirable than ever. And they're willing to fuck and suck harder and better to prove it.

Aussie Amber XXX
Amber is from Down Under. That means she's from Australia, the place the British used to send their criminals. No wonder, then, that it's now home to wanton, cock-hungry chicks who have absolutely no moral values....

This is Kayla. The guy whose cock she's sucking in these clips is her boyfriend. The blow job she gives him is one of the longest we've ever seen. This fucking guy must be Superman not to have popped his nuts within the first few minutes of this suckathon.

And it's true. Vicky isn't a whore. Never has been, never will be. She's just a fresh-faced chick -- you'll notice her almost complete lack of makeup -- who has the sexual needs of every girl. So, if a guy's not around, she'll tweak her own nipples and rub her own pussy and stick her own dildo deep inside of her cunt.

Leilani is very pretty in a very cute way. She's Asian, so that makes her exotic looking, and that's a good thing, too. Plus, she has a tight body. Oh, and did we mention that she's very intelligent? Well, if we didn't, it's because we really don't give a shit that Leilani is pretty and cute and exotic.

Nadia & Morgan
Nadia and Morgan are best friends who have both had toys but not boys,
and now they're getting ready to give the real thing a try...

Britni XXX
When this scene opens, cock-hungry Britni is sucking some human garden hose that's about twice the size of her arm. Notice her rapid-fire mouth motion. As one of our web guys here at NaughtyMag.com pointed out, "She's sucking it so fast because his cock is so big." ....

No wasting time here. No introductions or stupid scenarios. The first thing you're going to see is April down on her knees worshipping a cock. Watch how it goes in and out of her mouth. Later, you'll see how easily the cock slides in and out of April's pussy

Amanda & Jessica
Amanda and Jessica, friends from way back, do everything in this video. Open-mouthed kissing. Tit rubbing. Pussy fingering. Dildo plunging. So, if you're a fan of girl-girl sex--and who isn't--you're going to get everything you need for some serious jacking by the time you finish viewing these videos.

If your're half blind from jacking off like most of the workers here at Naughtymag.com, you might think Abigail is doing herself with a can of Red Bull. That dilldo shes's using is that thick.